• How does your product differ from other similar live chat services ?

    Our team constantly working on new features requested by our customers, and all our current customers will receive updates on free of cost. We also provide friendly and comprehensive support for our live chat software.

  • Please tell me about your technology ?

    OnetoOnetext uses PHP in server side software. It allows our users to get best scalability and awesome reliability. We use standard Dynamic HTML, Flash Builder and java script for client-side access.

  • Do I need to install something on my web server ?

    No. You do not need to install anything on your web server. It is a hosted service.

  • Do I need to enter my credit card details for the trial ?

    No. You don't need to provide credit card details for free trail.

  • How can i get started with onetoonetext ?

    Step 1 : Registration
       Register for a free OnetoOnetext account.
       Note : No credit cards required.
    Step 2 : Dashboard Login
       Log into OnetoOnetext Dashboard with the account that you've just created. You can find your chat button code on
       "My account / setup Instruction" section of your dashboard. You need to simply copy and past it to your web site source code
       to get chat button.
    Step 3: Operator Console
       Registered user can download our OnetoOnetext operator software and install it on your pc or mac.
       Now you are ready to chat with your website visitors.

  • How can I recover my password ?

    You can use, "Forgot password" button to recover your account's control panel password. Click "Forgot Password" on login page and enter your account name to get new password to your e-mail.

  • Can we change the appearance of chat buttons to match our site better ?

    Yes. You can choose your chat button from our gallery or you can upload your own customized icon.

  • Can I place live chat buttons on more than one site / domain ?

    Yes, OnetoOnetext allows you to place chat buttons on more than one site, page and domain. Your subscription package defines only the number of operator profiles within your company account.

  • Can your system be used with dynamic and secure web pages ? Does it work properly on Linux hosting ?

    Yes. Our system works trouble-free on both static and dynamic pages that created by any kind of technology ( HTML, PHP, JSP, ASP, ASPX, C# ). Also it is works properly on all kind of hosting. We offer chat button code that can be placed on secure pages without any browser warnings. Also you can select to run all your chat sessions over secure connections.

  • How to view chat transcripts ?

    To view chat transcript at the end of the conversation, log into OnetoOnetext with the account that you've created. You can find your chat transcript under "Chat History" tab. You need to click on button under "options" to get chat history.

  • Do you provide customer support representatives along with the software ?

    No, We don't offer any customer support representative to assist you, Instead we offer technical infrastructure for your operators. It includes server-side software running on our OnetoOnetext servers and Operator consoles that can be downloaded and installed on operator's workstations.

  • Can we receive messages when operators are off-line ?

    Yes. A form will be available even when all the operators are in offline mode. You ll be always connected with your customers.

  • How to integrate onetoonetext in Joomla ?

    Click to check Joomla installation

  • How to integrate onetoonetext in Drupal ?

    Click to check Drupal installation

  • How to integrate onetoonetext in Magento ?

    Click to check Magento installation

  • How to integrate onetoonetext in Wordpress ?

    Click to check Wordpress installation

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