The key to a successful business is communication. You need to speak to your clients, engage them with your brand and build the long-lasting relationships that guarantee future success.

Imagine if your sales team could speak to every visitor to your website. OnetoOnetext is a Live Chat Software service that does exactly that. With just one click, potential customers can speak directly to you, learn about your services and purchase your products in a fast, secure environment.

Online Store

In the competitive world of online commerce, live support chat can you give the edge over the competition. By answering queries in realtime, you can build product knowledge amongst customers, enjoy every opportunity for up-selling or cross-selling, and respond instantly to negative customer experiences.

And you will show your customers that you care. That kind of instant, personalized service is crucial in building engagement and encouraging customers to shop with you again and again.

Car Rental

Renting a car is widely regarded by consumers as frustrating and boring. With such a complex process, many customers would rather speak to a human being than do it themselves online.

OnetoOnetext Live Chat Software is a way of meeting that need while keeping your costs down. Your team can guide customers through the process, making sure that they get the car they want with a minimum of fuss.

Auto Sales Industry

OnetoOnetext contact is vital in the auto retail industry. Purchasing a new car is a huge decision for your customers, and they need to know that they're making the right choice.

OnetoOnetext Live chat software can help you turn prospects into purchasers. Your live chat solution can identify regular visitors and allow your sales team to pro-actively reach out to them. It's just like approaching someone who's browsing the showroom.

Consulting Services

If you're a consultant, time is money. Whatever your field of expertise, developing client relationships is essential but time-consuming without any direct payoff.

But a Live Support Software solution like OnetoOnetext isn't just for large organizations. By building a live chat service into your website, you can reach out to new clients while efficiently maintaining your records on existing clients. It's a vital service that will allow you to focus on what you do best.

Travel Industry

Although travel is increasingly becoming an online-only industry, many holiday makers miss the personal service provided by bricks-and-mortar travel agencies. An experienced travel professional does more than just book flights and hotels; they build a travel package that's specifically for that customer.

OnetoOnetext live chat software can give your customers that caring, personal experience they've missed. Your agents will be able to talk them through their decision, ensuring they find their dream holiday.

Education Institute

Many universities face the daily problem of trying to address the queries of thousands of students while keeping down the cost of administrative staff. OnetoOnetext live chat software is the perfect solution: a fast, cost-effective method of allowing a small team to respond to high volumes of queries.

It's also a great way of enhancing your online prospectus, allowing potential students to pose questions and learn why they're making the right choice in studying with you.


Many government services are stuck in the 20th century, with long lines, big offices and slow turnaround times. Improving service provision is something that most government agencies would like to do, but often the budget simply isn't available.

Implementing a live support software solution is a way of relieving these problems without putting additional strain on your budget. Leverage your website and existing staff to provide fast, friendly answers to queries, and the savings will allow you to focus your resources where they're really needed.

Real Estate And Mortgage

Live chat software like OnetoOnetext increases your ability to develop leads and close deals. By providing live chat, you'll be able to speak directly to website visitors who may be looking to purchase a property, answer queries instantly over the lifetime of the deal, and even address the concerns of clients who may be getting cold feet.

Because your agents can conduct multiple chats at once, they'll greatly improve their productivity while providing the kind of personalized service that's essential in your industry.

Financial Industry

Rapid reaction has never been so important in the financial industry. Things can change from one minute to the next and your clients will be aware of what's going on. You need to speak to them whenever they have a query, providing reliable, professional information.

OnetoOnetext live support chat software will keep you connected and show your clients that you are smart, modern, professional and always one step ahead of the game.

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