If you've decided to make OnetoOnetext part of your web offering, congratulations. It shows that you have the commitment to a superb customer experience that is essential for a successful business.

Now you'll need a way to include the functionality in your page design. If you're happy with things the way they are and don't want to clutter your layout, Live Chat icons are the best choice for you. OnetoOnetext has a library of high-resolution icons that are perfect for you whatever your brand image. Whether you're fun and friendly, or professional and dependable, our icons can express what's important to you.

The icons can be stored on your own server, or you can link to them here. There's also the option to use your own custom images as icons, giving you total control over how you express your brand.

Please visit this page after signing up or login to select one of these live help icon pairs for your account.


Header Background Images

If you really want to make the OnetoOnetext part of the customer experience, we offer a selection of dynamic header images. The header images can sit at the top of the page or in a separate pop-up, ensuring that you grab the attention of passing web visitors.

The Live Chat header offers real-time information about the chat service status, with a wide selection of fonts and relevant stock imagery. You can even incorporate your company logo, further promoting your organization to the world.

Like chat icons, header images can be stored locally on your servers or you can link directly to ours. You've also got the choice of creating your own custom icons, further allowing you to project your image onto the web.

Live Chat headers are an excellent way of telling the world that openness and communication are integral parts of your brand, and that service is at the heart of your customer experience.

Please visit this page after signing up or login to select one of these images for your account.

You can also upload your own header image with your website or company logo.

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